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Why Us?


When it comes to professional landscaping, Proscape stands apart with local expertise and outstanding customer service.

We have the ability and the experience to manage jobs of all sizes. And our competitive pricing ensures excellent value for the money.

In contrast to larger corporate landscapers, we are very familiar with local conditions, environments and regulations. We're experts on what type of landscaping thrives in our regional environment.

More importantly, our size allows us to take a very personal approach to serving our clients. We consider landscaping a true service industry, which is why we’re always professional, friendly and quick to respond to customer concerns and questions.

That same attention extends to educating and training our employees. They not only have the latest knowledge, certifications and licensing, but can respond quickly in the field to concerns as they arise.

Finally, we are absolutely committed to environmental sustainability in everything that we do. Our dedication to Mother Earth drives us to be innovative in our approach to water conservation, air quality, ground breaking and all activities that impact our environment.

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Through education, leadership and technology, committed to the highest standards of horticultural practices, honest principles and integrity to provide that which is immeasurable.